I have been enjoying the benefits of massage therapy for many years, and Rosa is one of the most gifted, talented massage therapists I have ever visited.

She is a sensitive and compassionate person, and her sensitivity extends right through her hands, intuitively knowing where and how much pressure to use to bring relief, relaxation and rest to a tired body and mind.

I have struggled with a myofascial injury for some years, and Rosa patiently worked with me and listened to me. I thought I would always carry some level of impairment as a result of this injury, but I feel like myself again, for the first time in years. The progress I have made in my physical recovery is a direct result of her work with me. Thank you, Rosa.

Do yourself a favor, book a 90 minute session. You will be so glad you did.

RY, Milltown, client since 2009


Simply put, Rosa is a goddess.  For the past five years I have had an hour long deep tissue massage with her every two weeks. Through her magical hands, warm presence and generous spirit she has helped to heal my grief over the death of one of my children, eased the pain of training for a series of triathlons, countered the kinks and knots of my sedentary life, and ensured that I am healthier and happier than before. I have extensive experience with massage and massage therapists, and she is the best.  Massage Matters is not a fancy spa with fluffy robes, incensed waiting rooms and other amenities.  It is instead a low key, restful space for restoration and healing.  I have recommended Rosa’s services to many friends over the years, all of whom have been very pleased.

Natalie, Professor, Highland Park, client since 2006


I’m a middle aged technical entrepreneur turned executive.  I’ve been seeing Rosa at Massage Matters for about 10 years. I get a massage 2-3 times a month. I am very conscious of my physical well-being, so I work out a lot, especially at Pilates – based on Rosa’s great suggestion — and really work on reducing stress and keeping fit.

What can I say: Rosa is the best. Sometimes she knows what is bothering me — like a sore hip from too little stretching — before I even mention it. She knows when I need a deeper massage to work on a specific sore or tight spot, and she also knows when I need just a relaxing massage to pass out and enjoy. I don’t think this is some kind of voodoo: I thinks she spots the situation by watching me walk in. She knows what stretching exercises or changes in my workout pattern will help heal any pain or tightness between massages. She knows how to put enough force behind the massage, but not too much.

I love massage, I’ve traveled a lot, many times to Japan and Europe and all over the USA. Wherever I go, especially on a potentially stressful trip, I get a massage. I can unequivocally say that Rosa is the best.

Mark, Entrepeneur, Highland Park, client since 2002


Massage is a vital component of my health and well being.  It is my first line of defense against stress and a favorite means of relaxation.  I cannot think of a more effective way to rejuvenate, and revitalize.  I always anticipate with great expectation my sessions with Rosa.  Her skill and technique are second to none.  In a perfect world, a daily massage at Massage Matters would be the norm.

Cheryl, Microbiologist, West Long Branch, client since 1999


Rosa has been a godsend for me.  I am an arthritic 70 year old man who is striving to remain fit.  Over the last several years I have turned to Rosa for help dealing with hip and knee replacement surgeries, back and neck spasms, and numerous muscle pulls and strains.  She is a caring, supportive and very knowledgeable professional.  I am deeply grateful to have her as a friend and a key member of my body maintenance team.  Try her.  You’ll be glad you did.

Bob, Retired Professor, Highland Park, client since 2002


I’ve had back surgery.  Regular massage keeps my low back loose and helps prevent muscle spasms.

Carl, Dispatcher, Edison, client since 2010


Although I’ve been going to Rosa for many years, she surprises me during each session with a new move, one that always seems custom-tailored to address my most stubborn aches.  The journey to utter relaxation while on the receiving end of Rosa’s masterful ministrations is nothing short of miraculous.  Whether I am suffering from the daily stresses of the work day, or a more chronic condition, Rosa knows how to coax my muscles into a state of supreme happiness.

Suellen, Global Manager of Technical Marketing, Monroe, client since 1999


Rosa’s massage treatments ease the sore muscles and pain I get from running and practicing karate.

Jose, Edison, Runner and Isshinryu Karate Black Belt, client since 2008


I’ve been a client for over 10 years.  Rosa has been a godsend in helping me stay healthy.  Everytime I arrive for my monthly massage we discuss the areas of tightness that need additional attention.  Rosa knows each client as an individual and customizes the massage to their needs.  Rosa knows I’m a runner and has been instrumental in minimizing possible injuries through massage and stretching of calf muscles.”

Adele, Teacher, Colonia, client since 2000


Rosa is the best of the best!  I see her once a month, and in addition to the benefits I receive from her work, I know I am doing something wonderful for myself and have the lovely anticipation of the next session to look forward to all month long.  Rosa is passionate about her work, and is constantly learning new techniques.  She is knowledgeable about our bodies and what stress does to us, plus she is an extremely caring person…an unbeatable combination.  I highly recommend her to all my friends; she has the hands and touch of an angel.

Martha, Project Manager, North Brunswick, client since 2000


I’ve been coming to Rosa for massages on a monthly basis for about 8 years, and it’s always been my favorite appointment on the calendar. Rosa’s skill and techniques have always been wonderful, but what amazes me is how she continues to add nuances and new movements to her repertoire that make the massage even more incredible. One of my favorite movements is the way she articulates the limbs while massaging the muscles around the joints allowing a deeper massage. The energy Rosa puts into her massages is both therapeutic and spiritually uplifting and I highly recommend her.

Tom, Architect, Washington DC, client since 2000


Over the last 10 years, with her good hands, Rosa has kept my body supple and my mind at ease.

Ingrid, Retired, Highland Park, client since 2001