“From men to women, from children to the elderly, bodywork provides the healthful, nurturing touch so often lacking in our sense-deprived society.”

— Darren Buford, Managing Editor, Massage & Bodywork magazine.


Massage Matters, LLC has been providing therapeutic massage and bodywork since 1998.  Performed in a safe and nurturing environment, every session is customized to an individual’s needs.

Rosa Tavares, founder and owner, incorporates various modalities and techniques to alleviate pain, help manage stress and aid in the quicker rehabilitation of injuries.  Drawing from almost two decades of experience, she addresses numerous common complaints including:  chronic and acute neck, back and shoulder pain; headaches/migraines; TMJ; repetitive strain injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, tennis/golfer’s elbows); sciatica; low back pain; arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Her clientele includes the entire family and ranges in age from pediatric to geriatric.  By using 100% pure, therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils and hypo-allergenic creams, she strives to provide the highest quality experience – one you will not forget.